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Illinois palace.


Boito str.

36100 Vicenza


ILLINOIS PALACE is a new building currently in delivery. The conception behind the building is particular, aiming at specific characteristics:


Very spacious houses (ranging from 1400 to 3000 square feet approx, 274 approx with a minimum of 3 bedrooms each). All apartments have two bathrooms and a laundry/storage room.


The tranquillity from noises is assured by dry-insulated and certified dividing walls. Maximum thermal insulation with triple glazing layer, where required, according to the latest environmental regulations. The outer wall is 16 inches thick, which helps to keep the interior cool in summer and warm in winter, aimed by the effect of  the wall’s coat increased insulation. The heating is underfloor. The insulator for the noise in each floor leaves the environment even quieter.


Security is guaranteed by armored doors and overhead garage anti burglary locks.


The building will have energy performance certificate Class A1.

The location of the building is quiet and peaceful, as well as well-equipped facilities.

Convenient to the center of Vicenza, 15 minutes away by bus or ten by bicycle and at the exit of Vicenza West at the same time, that is ten minutes by car. Nearby there is a public park, the parish with scout center and various shops, including several supermarkets (prix - alì - eurospar - eurospin). Elementary and middle schools are just a ten-minute-walk far, as well as the soccer and baseball center. A brand new bike path connects with the municipal theater.


The U.S. base entrance is just twenty minutes drive away by car on the southern ring road.


Prices start at $ 173 per square foot (€ 1650 per square meter).


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